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in parts of northern virginia. maryland as well on 270 and frederick. there's a cut off to the east of the blue ridge. this is slowly push in northeast. most of the rain today will be east of the blue ridge. most of the rainfall will be falling during the morning through lunchtime. in the afternoon we could see a few breaks in the clouds. thunderstorms possible. we cannot not rule out severe thunderstorms as well. and potentially damaging wind with a few isolated thunderstorms later on today. tomorrow, partly cloudy, but temperatures falling low 60's's with gusty wind. you will notice the wind on thursday. by friday, cooler air will be in place with high-pressure, calm wind, near 60 degrees. near 60 for the high temperatures through the weekend. >>> we will start in virginia, north kings highway near route 1, there's an accident. that is temporarily closed. 95, 66, in pretty good shape. looks good around the beltway. the road spray will add extra time to your travel. there's a little hydroplaning so be careful. back to you. >> thank you. >>> 4:32. following a developing story from a
're at high points solutions stadium. 25th ranked west virginia has not been beaten by rutgers since 1994. they're marching for a possible go-ahead score with under seven and a half minutes remaining. just a yard shy. alston, we see where they spot him. ron harmon bumped him down. he'll be third and goal from the 1 yard line. handoff, alston. he's about a foot short khaseem greene prevented him from finding the end zone. >> ray: if i'm holgorsen i think about kicking the field goal and getting a tie. i know they're plenty of time left. they have six minutes and change, but if you don't push this thing in, it you could be in trouble. i take my points when i can get them. >> mark: going for it on fourth and goal. smith keeping it, headed towardsed end zone and he dives in. touchdown! logan ryan came flying in, but could not prevent geno smith from picking up his first rushing touchdown of the season, and west virginia leading. >> ray: that's all geno smith right there. didn't have anybody open to throw the ball to. he uses his leg, gets to the outside and loss of containment by the rutgers
on the forefront of observing that. they were elected within each colonies of virginia has a legislature, such as its common and hampshire has a legislature and these new houses have delegates that were elected from towns and counties but there was no sense people should have more representative. it was still on the basis of geographic units so one county in virginia but sent two representatives whether it had 1,000 people were 2000 people. what happened when the state's quote their constitution and they did that in the american revolution from 1776 to 1780. some of the states began to experiment with a new form of representation in which representation was a portion of the population. so more people in a certain area would get more representatives. and that is the innovative idea, that is the experimenter the representation that james madison incorporated in the virginia plan that was submitted to the philadelphia convention in the debate will. but obviously there are winners and losers when you have that kind of representation. in the previous congress and the the articles of the confe
elected within each column. virginia legislature, 67 legislature, new hampshire had a legislature. these lower houses had delegates that were elected from towns and counties. there was no sense that more people should have more representatives. it was all done on the basis of geographic units and territorial units. one county from represent to five. county from virginia would have two representatives. what happens when the state's wrote their first pick constitutions, and they did that during the american revolution from 1776 to 1780 cell of the states began to experiment with a new form of representation in which representation was proportionate to population more people would get representatives, and that is the innovative idea, the experiment to representation that james madison incorporated in the virginia plan that was submitted to the philadelphia convention in 1787 for debate. obviously there are some winners and losers when you have that kind of system of representation. in the previous congress, the congress under the articles of confederation, each state received one vot
, preocupa a organizaciones comunitarias de virginia, que prepararon un taller para evitar que se implemente similares medidas. alfredo miranda nos informa. la policia del condado de prince william sigue aplicando el programa comunidades de seguras, deteniendo a indocumentados y entregandolos a inmigracion. ese es el caso del hijo de esta hondurenha. migracion me agarro a mi hijo en woodbridge, el venia de trabajar y lo agarraron y lo entregaron de un solo a migracion. dfsdf dice que su cunhadop tambien fue detenido y esta en proceso de deportacion.a ni cun policia d eprince william la gente percibe una creciente ola de racismo en el pais, prueba de ello es la ley antii nmigrante aprobada en alabama y los encendidos republicanos cutyos candidatos estan utilizando el tema migratorio como bandera electoral. sot con el fin de evitar que similares medidas se adopten en el estado de virginia, una organizacion de mujeres dependiente de inquilinos y trabajadores esta auspiciando talleres informativos. sot los recientes hechos causan preocupacion en la comunidad. sot familiares de los detenidos dic
shore. it's a cold start but still a frost advisory out for these counties. panhandle of west virginia, western maryland, and carroll counties and up into western pennsylvania. so there's a chance of a little frost forming over the next couple of hours. sunrise at 7:31. we'll have a partly sunny morning through midday but a chilly morning. only in the 40s through much of the morning. may get into the low 50s by early afternoon and clouding up by late afternoon. i don't think we're going to see any snow tonight, but there's a possibility tomorrow. the evening planner will be coming up here in about ten minutes. danella, good morning. how's the friday commute? >>> a couple of accidents to slow you down. start in virginia. southbound richmond highway at kings highway, all your lanes are blocked due to an accident there. southbound 270 in maryland at montgomery village avenue, only the left lane gets by that accident. checking the travel in that area, so far traffic is still light. i just want you to be aware. you've got to stay to the left time. construction is wrapping up. as we shoot do
with transportation issues in virginia called super-novell and stretch as much further than northern virginia. it is going to look at traffic flow as well as mass transit options for the commonwealth. then eisner's live with details on this report. >> gov. bob mcdonnell announced the supernova steady to relieve traffic congestion. as you might imagine, drivers cannot wait. >> during rush hour, it is really, really bad. >> antonio has worked as a professional driver in northern virginia for seven years and knows the traffic situation as well as anyone. he spent four hours per day sitting in it. >> i have a lot of appointments that have to make it too. it is bad. >> he hopes the new study will help turn things around. >> it should improve the lot. if not, do not know what else they can do. >> will analyze computer -- it will analyze commuter traffic patterns. >> if you go into the d.c. are maryland, 495 is the only way. >> of a look from the shenandoah valley culpeper, as well as the eastern-no. and will take into account not just virginia but those coming in from maryland, west virginia, and d
of the screen. that is some rain that's just now near the north carolina-virginia border advancing to the north. sunrise at 7:13. that's getting later and later. our temperatures by 9:00 in the mid-60s. we might have a little bit of sun through the overcast this morning. overall cloudy. by noontime near 70. during the afternoon, we do have a small chance of a few sprinkles advancing south to north. otherwise, just a cloudy afternoon and cooler today. it will, in fact, be about ten degrees cooler than we were yesterday. highs reaching the low 70s by midafternoon. your evening planner, that's when our rain chances increase. we'll have that coming up in ten minutes at 4:41. let's check the tuesday commute. good morning, danella. how are we looking? >> good morning. >>> let's start with the beltway in prince george's county. traveling the inner loop, still seeing construction between route 4 and route 5. however, taking a live look at the camera, not seeing a lot of delays. actually, my camera is not coming up. i'm checking cameras for you, but i'm not seeing any delays. right now traffic is very l
is falling across much of the area. >> it is turning to snow in virginia. let's go to doug kammerer. what is the latest? >> we do have accumulating snow out in the west of hardy county, west virginia. the high areas of the mountains in west virginia and chester gap right here we have snow upwards of 2 inches already. and you can see the rain moving through too. the temperatures are falling and so is the rainfall around the washington, d.c. area frederick reporting rain. but is it snow in the higher elevations in the blue ridge and moving back to the west. so we are going to see that snow build in throughout evening hours and just about everybody to the west of washington is under a warning or advisory. in the pink that is a winter storm warning for snowfall that could exceed 4 to 5 inches. in the purple this is a winter weather advisory. we could see accumulation in that area too. i just updated the snowfall map. i'll show you who i think gets what coming up. >> thanks, doug. >>> out in minnesota you see snowplows all the time before halloween. but not around here. snow pants either. who
and bladensburg. 44 in springfield, virginia, and laytonsville, maryland, coming in at 43 degrees. there are some showers to the north and west. not only are you going to need a warm jacket, but you're going to need your umbrella. showers generally light coming through the area this weekend and west virginia as well as in the mountains of north carolina and pennsylvania. there was snow, and it looks like the upper spots are getting light snow now. it wouldn't be feeling like mid-november. we'll hit 50 degrees by 9:00 a.m. overcast skies. by noontime, 55 degrees. 56 degrees holding on around 4:00 and 5:00. again, showers are likely, and it looks like those showers will continue during the overnight. danella, what's going on with traffic? >>> when you leave the house this morning, going to be pretty cold. so far, if you're leaving now, the roadways are clear. let's take the drive along 270 in this area. as you leave the spur in both directions, i don't see any problems from urbanna to the spur. here's a look at father hurley, not so bad. shooting over to virginia, clear as well. this is sudley road
, especially north of town. the rain is mainly in maryland and west virginia, northern virginia starting to get a break in the action. looking to the west, moderate rain moving our way from west virginia pushing towards the metro area. scattered showers off and on, mainly light. that's expected through the day. becoming a breezy this afternoon, highs in the mid 60's. the wind will increase. when you feel that, cold front as arrived. we are talking temperatures in the thirties tonight and early tomorrow. we have a freeze watch in northern maryland and west virginia early tomorrow morning. lotus mid 50's for the high temperature tomorrow. >>> seems to be moving slowly on 66 with merging traffic at 5195 or anybody coming out of fredericksburg, lanes are open. woodbrige, normal delays. normal delays in springfield. heading to the wilson bridge looks good. this is college park, the pace is steady. on the outer loop after new hampshire avenue before university boulevard, broken- down truck, right lane is closed. back to you. >> thank you. >>> 6:01 is the time. a shooting outside of prince george coun
virginia man under arrest, accused of being an agent for the government of syria. agents arrested a 47-year-old mohamad anas haitham soueid, of leesburg, virginia. officials say soueid spied against people rallying against the regime. we are learning more about the violent attack at a target store. video showed that the suspect antoinette starks, was attempting to bribe times yesterday. her credit card was decline and she walked out without paying. later, she allegedly stabbed at 39-year-old woman. the woman is now in stable condition. back in 2005, starks stabbed to go people in a montgomery mall. -- stat two people in montgomery mall. rain is back in the forecast today. adam caskey pass a look at all the wet weather bank. -- wet weather. >> all the way until friday, then improvements for the weekend. we had some showers last night and early this morning, then a break in the action. west of the metro, moderate rain. areas in yellow indicate a moderate rain. it is just light rain, light green, moving north. this is the southern end of the beltway and 66 as well. we will be back in a few min
and virginia. the white house calls it official business. >> ladies and gentlemen the president of the united states. >> the campaign style of approach hits the road on monday. he pushed his jobs bill. >> we will break up my jobs bill. maybe they just did not understand the whole thing at once. >> he hopes his approach is more palatable after senate republicans rejected his jobs plan last week. his first initiative involves calling on congress to spend $35 billion. later proposals could prove to be a harder sell. >> we will ask them to take a stand about whether people like me should pay a little more. >> the bus tour winds through north carolina and virginia. a stop at a small town barbecue restaurant included takeout handshakes and photographs. >> we want the president to work with us. we want him to stop the campaign. >> some of its critics say that the president should focus more on in here and now. >> it is time that he came off the campaign trail and negotiated. >> the president's approval rating in handling the economy is only 35%. voters give him a considerable advantage over congress
food pantry in virginia. she's joining us by phone to talk about the situation. how bad is it down there? >> well, we just decided on monday when we came in to work that we couldn't stay open to serve the people that came in because we didn't want to give out two cans of food. our need has increased 40% in the last six months, and that's over the 90% increase since three years ago, when the economy kind of went down. so we've been meeting the need and we get to a point several times a year where we cut it really close because we know a big food drive is coming up, but we just couldn't hold on this time. we had to close the doors. >> and you're been in existence for 42 years. he helped so many people in the dumfries area. what will happen to the families who cannot get food from you? >> we work closely with many of the churches that have smaller opinion trees in their churches so we've given them a heads up, and they help more with the people in their neighborhoods when they're not able to come down to us, they can walk to their -- closer to food pantries. so we've given them the he
. elsewhere, scattered light showers across virginia, much of maryland, and district of columbia. and across the bay in annapolis towards easton and central delaware, light to moderate showers. temperatures in low to mid-60s throughout most of the region. right now 65 at reagan national. we'll hold steady in the 60s throughout much of the day. there's the cloud cover over washington. sunrise at 7:14. it's back passing showers throughout the day. highs only reaching upper 60s to around 70 by early afternoon. grab the umbrella before you head off to work and school. a look at your evening planner in ten minutes. here's a look at evening traffic. good morning, danella. >> good morning. >>> if you're taking the bay bridge westbound, an accident here. multi-vehicle crash, but one lane will get you by heading west across the bridge. other areas are wet. i want to caution you. local roadways. see leaves on the roadway, and it's going to make for a slippery commute. let's take a look at the american legion bridge. inner loop and outer loop is clear, slick roadways. this is the bridge as well. southe
the front-runner for the gop in decision 2012 will visit northern virginia. massachusetts governor mitt romney will tour the fairfax county republican headquarters today with governor bob mcdonnell and lieutenant governor. mcdonnell says this is not an endorsement of romney, and the governor will not likely take sides until after virginia's legislative elections next month. mcdonnell appeared last month at a luncheon with texas governor rick perry. lieutenant governor is the chairman of romney's campaign in virginia, though. >> let's have a look at the weather. >>> the autumn party is coming to an end. even though there's smiles on the pumpkins, it's coming to an end. we'll have cooler weather. good morning. right now the temperatures not as chilly as yesterday morning. generally low and mid-50s in washington and the nearby suburbs. parts of virginia have dipped down into the 40s, and it's near 40 in western maryland and much of west virginia, and it's in the upper 50s right near the chesapeake bay. over the last 12 hours, we've had the cloud cover increasing last night. it is mostly cl
with doug kammerer. we continue to track severe weather to the south of us in virginia. all of this south and east of la ray, south of warrenton and north and west. we have had several tornado warnings, already. we have one that continues until 4:30. that one covers areas of southeastern culpeper county, central orange county. again, this is a tornado warning that goes until 4:30. it's moving northeastward toward grassland in the next seven minutes. raccoon forge and then elkwood in 53 minutes. this is based on radar. possible tornado that may be in this area. if you are in any of these neighborhoods, take cover now. get inside, stay inside somewhere safe in an interior room. we have another area we have been watching. this one was warned on. it's a cell we are watching closely for redevelopment. it's also moving north-northeastward toward lady smith and bubbling green within the next 24, 40 to 60 minutes. severe weather down south and other storms blowing up. we had the drizzle and mist, the clouds earlier this morning. we saw a break in the cloud cover now severe storms starting to deve
district and southern maryland and through central virginia and out in western maryland and much of west virginia. it's mild there. they're in the low 60s. sunrise will be at 7:30. we'll be hovering around 60 through the morning with these occasional lighter showers and then some moderate showers moving in around 9:00 or so and off and on into the afternoon. passing showers. some of them could be moderate at times and a mild day into the mid and perhaps upper 60s by midafternoon. much colder tonight. we'll look at your evening planner. that will be in ten minutes. good morning, danella. how is the commute? >> good morning. the rails are open. so far, none are reporting delays. metro, marc all reporting on schedule. they look pretty good. here is a view of the bellway in prince georges county right around 50. you can see we have volume increasing. there are no delays n in or on the outer loop. getting just a tad busy at fairfax county parkway, but so far, clear in all directions north and south on i-95. if you're continuing on to 395, here is the view at duke street. it's a nice view. unm
of virginia during the day today. the one closest to our region is prince william county, the quantico area. and another one in mineral, the same area hit by that earthquake a month and a half ago. let's zoom in and show you where the latest storms are. right now, there are no warnings out here. but there are strong storms with heavy rain right along 270 and just down to urbana, down to germantown, bethesda, silver spring. right across the district, that's from we're seeing heaviest rain with some lightning. the entire system is a huge system. it continues to spin. we're not done with it yet. more tomorrow and even bigger changes as we head to the weekend. the full forecast in a minute. >> thank you, doug. >>> people driving along quantico, virginia caught a confirmed tornado on their cell phones. the winds were throwing debris all over the place. traffic was halted in fact. darcy spencer has more from stafford, virginia. >> driving conditions were extremely treacherous in northern virginia this evening. we travel up and down i-95. at one point, we had to pull over the vehicle because the r
party. the federal government has denied aide for virginia county damaged by three natural disasters. louisa county, virginia was the epicenter of that earthquake. then it was hit by a hurricane and tornado last week. no one was killed, but the damage tops $18 million. most of that uninsured. presidents have been holding fund-raisers but say they are frustrated the federal government is not stepping in to help. chuck bell is here with us now. it says 60 on our screen. it felt colder to me when i went out for dinner. >> it depends where you go. if you're around a paid parking lot like our station here, you would be warmer. the asphalt holds the heat in. if you were out over a grassy field, it would be colder. i'm going to leave that one alone. outside on a saturday night. mostly clear skies, depending on where you are, and what you're doing. it's either very warm or very chilly. temperatures are taking a tumble on your saturday night. by the time you get out and get started, it's really going to be chilly out there. widespread 40s for most everybody first thing on your sunday morning.
... una escuela en la ciudad de arlington virginia, esta en riesgo de perder su acreditacion, tras haber recibido una advertencia por parte del departamento de educacion del estado por no haber alcanzado el porcentaje de graduaciones requerido... alfredo miranda, nos amplia.... body la escuela escuela secundaria wakefiled de arlington, acaba de recibir malas noticias, el departamento de educacion de virginia no le concedio la acreditacion total. el estado ha decidido implementar un nuevo indice de graduación y finalización como parte de la acreditación con el estado, hasta solo era en base a los standards de aprendizaje, los cuales hemos alcanzado plenamente. segun autoridades de educacion del estado de virginia, en la escuela wakefield solo se graduo el 77 por ciento de los estudiantes de los 81% requeridos como minimo. tiene una manera de evaluar a las escuelas secundarias con unn puntaje especial donde determina el numero de estudiantes que entraron a la escuela y el numero de estudiantes que se graduaron de la escuela. el director del establecimient o nos explica el por que de est
in montgomery, arlington, fairfax, and prince george's counties out in western maryland and west virginia now, the mid-40s, there's quite a bit of cloudiness around there this morning. over the last 12 hours, we've had clouds streaming in from the south. a few sprinkles are showing up now just to the west of the shenandoah valley just south of petersburg there in west virginia. sprinkle,tending to dissipate as they head off to the east. right now it's mostly cloudy in the shenandoah valley. from the blue ridge east, it's a partly cloudy morning. thin crescent moon just now rising, and we have our temperatures around the region holding steady here in the 40s for the next couple of hours. by 9:00 into the 50s. hit the mid-60s or so, maybe even upper 60s briefly by midafternoon. a mild afternoon coming up and a small chance of a passing shower later this afternoon or perhaps early this evening. a look at your evening planner in ten minutes. danella, good morning. how's the monday traffic? >> good morning. >>> checking roadways for you. so far we look pretty good in our area. let's take the drive
stamp act crisis, the american revolution, and the drafting of virginia's first state constitution. george mason died on october 71792. it's about an hour. .. >> and the university of arkansas at little rock. he's also practiced law for several years. in addition to forgotten founder, he's the author of "eisenhower and the anti-communist crusade." in writing about his new book, "forgotten founder," publishers weekly said his assessment of mason judicious. this biography is a standout. i give you dr. jeffrey broadwater. [applause] >> thank you, donna. take me a minute to get set up up here. well, let's see, oops. to begin with, i would like to thank you for inviting me to gunston hall. this is the first opportunity i've had to talk publicly about george mason, forgotten founder, since the book came out. and i can't think of a better place to start than gunston hall. this is really the perfect setting to begin a discussion of george mason. when you write a book, people ask you certain natural questions; what's the book about, how did you get interested in the subject. in my case, why
, the moving green you see is light rain across northern virginia, the district and into much of maryland. and those areas of yellow and orange raining pretty hard out in west virginia, western maryland, but closer to washington, radar now scanning the sky. just a few sdaterred sprinkles in prince georges, arlington, fairfax. but farther to the north, there's more rain to the north of baltimore, heading off east into northeastern maryland. right now, off to a fairly mild start, we're in the 50s to near 60s. right around washington, we're in the mid 50s in prince georges, arlington and fairfax counties. generally, most locations in the 50s and some 60s showing off in west virginia. quite a mild start compared to what we're going to see this time tomorrow morning. sunrise will be at 7:30. we'll be hovering around 60 through the morning. mid 60s by noon time, maybe a passing shower, as well. by midafternoon, maybe even upper 60s in a few locations. but then turning chillier tonight. in fact, we may have a freeze this time tomorrow morning. a look at your evening planner, that will be in ten
because the inside was plotting. >> a tornado may have touched down in louisa county, virginia. too much for historic sylvania plantation house, which survived more than two centuries of storms and war. the bulls was torn off, causing a lot of damage to the interior. -- the roof was torn off. >> it saet the roof down in the yard. >> the damage is so expensive that it's not clear if the house can be restored to its former glory. >>> it's not clear if the weather caused a tractor- trailer to crash on southbound 95 in college park. the vehicle rolled over last night. some lanes are closed. the driver does not have serious injuries. >>> how are the roads looking now? let's get an update from lisa baden. >> looking better in maryland. first i will take you to the maps. no problems on the beltway. looks good at the american legion bridge, the wilson bridge, in and out of baltimore as normal travel times. 270 between father hurley boulevard and the beltway in good shape as well as 66 between centreville and 495. quiet on the dulles greenway and dulles toll road. back to you. >> thank you. >>> 5
inner loop near branch avenue near andrews air force base, accident reported. in virginia, plenty of traffic. but 66, 95 395, no accidents. there was a crash on marshall -- in marshall on 66 eastbound, but that's gone. southeast looks good. northeast looks good if on new york avenue and telework avenue and south dakota. a pretty good run from frederick on 270 70, and in and out of baltimore. back to you. >> thank you. >>> winter came early on the weekend. this morning millions of people across the northeast will wake up cold and in the dark. saturday there was snow and ice that tore down trees and power lines. it could take almost a week to turn electricity back on. brianne carter is in the newsroom with more on this record-setting nor'easter. >> absolutely. this monster nor'easter is causing a lot of damage. the unseasonable storm is already being blamed for at least 11 deaths up and down the northeast. millions are in the dark as they try to pick up the pieces of what was left behind. the nor'easter is gone, but the damage remains. >> one fell one way and one fell another and th
and baltimore virginia northbound, more of your neighbors hitting the road out of fredericksburg. no problems on the inner loop out uponspringfield headed to tysons. leaving prince frederick and all the way to the andrews air force base is good on route 4. 210 out of accokeek looks good. looks good on route 5 out of all sorts. out of clarksburg, maryland, on the other side of town, 270 has a little wet pavement, but moving nicely. back to you. >> thank you. >>> new this morning the investigators are searching for the gunman who shot a man near brandywine liquor store around 11:00 last night. it's on brandywine road. the victim was flown to the hospital. he is in stable condition. there's no word on what led to the shooting. >>> another big story, lululemon murder trial. the defense attorneys dropped a bombshell during opening statements yesterday. >> they admitted that brittany norwood killed her co-worker inside the bethesda store last march. brianne carter has more on the defense. >> images from the store la marchlast march to depict a mass -- mess. these are the items the prosecutor said b
, shenandoah valley, western maryland and west virginia, there's a winter storm warning. this is highly unusual. four inches or more possible, especially in the high spots around the blue ridge and the shenandoah valley. right down at the bottom of the valley, probably not that much snow. most of that region will only have it on the grassy areas. but some of the high spots fin western maryland and west virginia will get some snow. it will stick on the roadways. it's frosty cold in western maryland and west virginia. just a few high clouds coming over now. the temperatures are down near or a little bit below freezing. closer to washington, panhandle of west virginia, mid and upper 30s. right now a chilly 42 at reagan national. southern maryland, northern neck, eastern shore weather observers reporting mid-40s most locations. here's the day planner for this friday. sunrise 7:31. a little sunshine in and out this morning through midday. clouding up late afternoon. highs reaching the low 50s. dress accordingly. wear a couple of layers this morning before you head off to work. it is a cold morning.
the election will be about. >> virginia to n.c., states that have been m -- by republicans. >> it is also a convenient geographic location. he can hop across the river in virginia go down to south carolina. n.c. it is something the obama team is watching closer. they may have a better shot their than northern virginia. >> things a lot. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> as we just mentioned, president obama will set off on a bus tour to promote his jobs plan tomorrow. he will be on the road three days. monday he will travel to north carolina. tuesday and wednesday, he will make several stops in virginia including danville charlottesville, and fredericksburg. the first lady is expected to join him for part of that tour. >>> talking about jobs this week one person will be holding a town hall tomorrow at waldorf at westlake high school at 7:00 p.m., and it will be open to the public. >>> the maryland general assembly will begin a special session on monday in annapolis. when hundred 41 delegates and 147 senators will vote on congressional redistricting plans. they want it to happen before the
the developments of a missing virginia boy. crews are looking for a been missing boy, robert wood jr.. they expanded their search for the missing autistic boy. with daylight running out, the race against the clock becomes more desperate. let's go to hanover county for the latest. >> the search for this missing way continues tonight but is moving away from the woods and toward the water. you can see behind me we have an inflatable rescue boat ready to hit the water. >> the focus of the search shifted more than 72 hours after robert wood disappeared. >> teams of volunteers scoured the river. officials cut the flow from a nearby dam to help the search. >> de cut it so the water level would go down. >> people spent hours trudging through the water. >> looking in the water and looking in the woods hoping to see somebody. i did not have any luck. >> robert wood, who is autistic, disappeared while hiking with his father. throngs of of volunteers spent the past few days searching the woods and brush. now, there is speculation the boy may have gone toward the river. some membe
ridge, shenandoah valley, and into eastern west west virginia where there is a storm watch for accumulating snow on saturday. right now clouds are drifting over. we still have leaves on the trees. that's another issue. if we get any snow on leaves on trees, we could have tree limbs snapping. that would be in shenandoah valley and eastern west virginia where temperatures are cold, down into the mid to upper 30s. although we don't have any reports of freezing temperatures. there may be a few isolated spots in western maryland, parts of eastern west virginia, where it's below freezing. elsewhere, upper 30s to 40s in washington. quite a chill in the air. sunrise at 7:31. a chilly day on the way. dress accordingly. you'll need a couple of layers. it will be partly sunny through midday and clouding up this afternoon. a look at your friday evening planner at 5:11. danella, how's traffic? >>> good news for you traveling in virginia. if you're taking richmond highway at kings highway, all your southbound lanes are back. that accident is out of the roadways. look at the bridges in yo
into the upper 20s as well as fairfax and much of virginia. out in western maryland and much of west virginia, it's only upper 20s to around 30 degrees. southern maryland, temperatures there just near 30 degrees as well. prince george's county, charles, calvert, and st. mary's, anne arund arundel. along the way waters, temperatures in the bay and northern neck, mid-30s. after that gorgeous sunny day yesterday, clouds on the increase. just high clouds drifting over us for the morning commute. sunrise at 7:34. here's your day planner for this monday as we get back to work and school. we'll have sunshine this morning, but then clouding up during the afternoon. temperatures climbing into the mid-50s by midafternoon. i'll have your spooky halloween forecast coming up in ten minutes. you'd better be ware. do we have anything to beware with the traffic, danella? >> no. your roads are clear, not really seeing any issues. let's head down to virginia and get a live look at i-95. taking on 95 in both directions in virginia, you are clear. as you continue on to 395, not seeing any problems there. here's the
. winter storm watches 2 up to maine from virginia and west virginia and that could be a real problem. locally we've got the winter storm watches from fredrick county and points east right along the pennsylvania border. loudoun has been added since this morning, northern faulk here and everybody in the park, the shenandoah, the valleys and the mountains, this going through saturday as this storm is taking shape. we've got cold air up to the north. that is filtering down. that's the supply of cold air. i know it's early in the season, it's marginally cold, but it's going to be cold enough, especially at the higher elevations to take a lot of this moisture and turn it from rain into snow. actually, that storm will redevelop off the coast and move off toward the north and the east. so right now the main precipitation types tomorrow look to be mainly snow from fredrick north and west, along the i-81 corridor and the park, rain changing to snow east of that as you head to upper montgomery county, eastern loudoun, maybe western fairfax, culpepper county, northern and central porses of faulk
this month. >>> a jury may hear closing arguments today in the murder trial of a virginia grandmother charged with tossing her 2- year-old granddaughter to her death. attorneys for 50-year-old carmella della rosa fairfax are pleading not guilty by reason of insanity. she's on trial for throwing her 2-year-old granddaughter from a skywalk at tysons corner center last november. prosecutors say that della rosa clearly understood right from wrong, adding that she was motivated by anger at her son- in-law for getting her daughter pregnant. she faces up to life in prison if she is convicted. >>> well, democrat earl ray tomblin is the winner in the special election for governor in west virginia. he beat republican bill maloney. the race was seen as a referendum on president obama. it got national attention and money. >>> we all came together to tell the outside groups that no one, no one is going to tell us what to do in west virginia. we may be open for business but ladies and gentlemen, west virginia is not for sale. [ cheering ] >> reporter: he has served as acting governor since former governor
, arlington, fairfax, prince george's counties, as well as across most of virginia and maryland. eastern shore a bit milder. there in the low to mid-50s, parts of southern maryland, northern neck, right near the waters. away from the waters, farther west, we're down in the 40s. just in the low 40s much of western maryland and west virginia. those showers came through overnight. now they're long gone replaced by a clear sky. we do have patchy dense fog, especially in northern virginia. we have reports that some of the visibilities are down to a quarter mile or less. watch out for that. allow yourself extra time. could have low visibility as you head out on this tuesday morning, very early. sunrise at 7:27. temperatures by 9:00 should be into the low 60s. we should soar to near 70 by midafternoon with lots of sunshine. a delightful october day coming up. a look at your evening planner in ten minutes. here's a look at your tuesday traffic. good morning, danella. >> good morning. >>> so far the area looks pretty good right now. seeing a lot of green. not anything really slowing you down. the beltw
y los salvadorenos.. malas noticias para los residentes de virginia..el desemplo aumento aunque segun las ultimas cifras continua siendo por debajo del resto del pais y como nos dice nuestra companera claudia uceda los latinos son los mas afectados.. el desempleo en virginia volvio a aumentar....este hispano busca todos los dias trabajo en esta esquina en shirlinton en el norte de virginia, pero su realidad es triste... hace 4 meses que no encuentra nada... "yo he venido muchas veces y nunca he trabajado a sido imposible , yo tengo ya quizas 4 meses de no trabajar." el departamento de trabajo dio a conocer que en virginia el desempleo aumento en el mes de septiembre a 6.5 %, en agosto se reporto una cifra mas baja .... de 6.3 % el trabajo esta malo aqui. un dia por semana nomas...cual fue su ultimo trabajo senor? fue levantar una mudanza de 3 horas nomas , ni siquiera completo, 3 horas nomas .... cuanto gano? ahhh 60 dolares..." y aqui en virginia esta es la tercera vez consecutiva que aumenta el desempleo, quienes buscan trabajo en esta esquina dicen que no encuentran nada n
in the next couple hours and a tropical feel out there. 67 in baltimore, 66 in easton and in central virginia where the tornado outbreak was, six tornadoes reported in virginia yesterday. and we'll talk about that college park issue in a minute. we'll have temperatures back up to 72 and maybe some more turbulent weather. here's a look at the roads with tonya. >>> if you're commuting towards washington d.c., we have all lanes shut down on i-95. that serious accident is on the live shoulder. this is a live look at baltimore belt way. in problems to report. 695 and the key bridge, all is quiet here. all is well. back to you. >>> williams mcquane was last seen in germantown in september and wednesday his mother was found dead in her apartment. new details on "good morning maryland." and we've got the latest. >> reporter: they discovered his mother dead in her apartment wednesday night after a missingperson's report. on thursday, they arrested jane mcquane's ex-husband, curtis lopez. lopez was recently seen removing property from the home and placeing it inside her car. detectives spoke with -- pl
.c., and virginia are taking part in capital shield 2012, a full scale drill to test the ability to respond to a mass customerual ti terrori casualty terrorist attack or a weather disaster. mock patients will be transported to 13 hospitals in maryland by ground and by helicopter. expect to see emergency vehicles starting around 8:00 this morning until about 3:00 this afternoon. >> no weather disaster, but we are getting wet out there as promised, tom. >> we're putting the little sign out there that says caution slippery surface. >>> we've had a lot of rain the last couple of hours as we take a look at the radar. this is all coming from the south and advancing north. all those areas of red, yellow, and orange, those are areas of moderate to heavy rain. we've got one band of that that stretches west of richmond right through the washington metro area. we are getting moderate rain in the district of columbia, much of prince george's county. just about all of fairfax and down interstate 95 into southern prince william, stafford, and spotsylvania. to the north, we're getting moderate to pockets
for fema to help virginia homeowners. >> i'm jim vance. >> and i'm doreen gentzler. carmela dela rosa was found guilty of murdering her granddaughter yesterday. video was released showing her final moments of life and carmela's first interview with place. shomari stone has more. >> reporter: this video is chilling. now carmela dela rosa faces up to 35 years in prison. >> reporter: a taped confession. what may have sealed a grandmother's fate and for the first time video of the minutes before she threw her granddaughter off a tyson's skywalk. >> reporter: well let me tell you more about this. you have carmela dela rosa, a grandmother she was here at the tyson's mall on november 29th. well that's when she walked in here. she went with the family who is her son-in-law's family and her family. they walked into the mall here for the food court. after they ate they walked outside and that's when this incident happened. this newly released video you are about to see is disturbing. >> reporter: i lost my mind that is what carmela dela rosa told detectives during a taped confession. she admitt
downpours in the mountains of west virginia and right along the central and southern blue ridge and the southern shenandoah valley. closer to washington, we have a few sprinkles thankfully. still roads and sidewalks and streets are wet. watch out. allow yourself extra time this morning, and grab the umbrella before you head out the door to work and school. right now it's rather cool, low to mid-60s. 64 at reagan national. montgomery, arlington, fairfax, prince george's county, low to mid-60s. here's your day planner. sunrise 7:14. occasional showers throughout the day. highs reaching upper 60s to near 70. a look at the evening planner at 6:11. here's a look at the wednesday commute. good morning, danella. >> i agree with you, tom. rain, rain, go away. definitely slowing you down. >>> a few accidents. northwest branch avenue past brandywine road in prince george's county, an accident there. 270 south at the beltway, seeing an accident there as well. further up 270, your congestion starts out of urbanna very slowly to clarksburg. when you get out of father hurley and make your way
. this is the beltway university boulevard. is the outer loop. in virginia, they have construction. he can only access the exit. traffic is on there. he can get 50. >> thank you. it is 4:32. a grandmother is found guilty of first-degree murder. date rejected the defense that insane when she dropped to her death.ter left court, hend only one thing. >> it is a sad day for everyone. grandmotherd the of first-degree murder for dropping her granddaughter of a last november. stoic. she remained still i the jury rejected her insanity defense. a i make -- and lawyer. defense insist she planned back at a son-et in-law. theyg the sentencing, stopped. spoke of their immeasurable loss. little piece of our hearts. >> they caution there is no jury. family is divided. a little girl is gone. they are coping as best as they the burden of some of target. just left them. they are devastated. is not a scar that will go away. this is deep. it is forever. >> the prison sentence is a recommendation. hearing weill hold a can lower its. he cannot increase it. driverce identified the killed during a police .hase the drivers li
. howard county, frederick, and maryland. much of western maryland and west virginia just near 50. virginia, the shenandoah valley on the blue ridge, low to mid-50s. in loudoun county and prince william, spotsylvania, fauquier, mid and upper 50s. weather watchers reporting this morning. all these clouds ahead in the south. all this rain in southern virginia. that's that area of green. light rain coming out of the carolinas, advancing north, and giving us a small chance of sprinkles this afternoon. otherwise, a lot of cloudiness. highs reaching low 70s. a look at the evening planner at 6:11. here's a look at tuesday traffic. good morning, danella. >> good morning. >>> this disabled vehicle blocking your right lane, still slowing you down on 95 north at route 644. you can see we are in the red as we make our way. let's check a live camera right now. right now still seeing delays start at fairfax county parkway. you're really starting to slow down as you head towards the 95 interchange. taking the beltway in prince george's county, checking it for you, this is the view at route 5, inner loop a
's no rain, but all across western virginia it's west this morning, as is most of maryland and the district of columbia. these areas of red and orange on the radar, that's moderate to heavy rain. right now that pocket of red in fairfax county raining moderate to heavily, there as well as down into southern prince william county, getting some moderate rain in northwest washington and southern montgomery county as well as points north and east of there into howard county and near baltimore. temperatures are cool. we're in the upper 50s to around 60 degrees. we'll hold steady there with this rain in the 50s for the next few hours. as we get into the afternoon hours, that's when we have our threat of severe weather increasing. we could get strong thunderstorms mid to late afternoon. temperatures upper 60s to around 70. and there is a risk that some isolated storms could produce a small tornado or maybe even some damaging winds. we'll keep you posted. stay tuned. if you hear thunder, turn on nbc 4. we'll let you know what's going on. the evening planner, that will be in ten minutes at 5:11. dane
virginia, kids were scrambling for safety. students could feel the doors and windows blowing open and felt the debris blowing through. the tornado damaged 30 homes in the area knocking out power and splitting trees the storm blew think louisa, virginia. children were sent scrambling as the storm headed their way. jane watrel reports. >> reporter: this was strike two for mineral county. the tornado two months after a devastating earthquake. the tornado came up quickly, catching many off guard. as this phone video knows on i-95 near quantico. hundreds of school children were boarding the buses when the tornado warning came down. here is the principal. >> as the leader, i have to stay calm. some children were shaken and upset. i let them know it was bad weather. we didn't want to send them out in bad weather. >> reporter: many thought it was simply a bad storm, not realizing a tornado touched down nearby ripping the roof off a historic plantation home. >> it started downpouring on us. >> worried about the safety of the kids and i wanted to be done and over with. >> reporter: this is the secon
. these are a few accidents reported in montgomery county. there have been crashes in virginia and the district. fortunately no reports of dates at this point. news 4's derrick ward has more on the october snow. >>> at this vdot trucks got their loads under chilly skies and road surfaces that were wet. 200 trucks were out on virginia roadways. a few minutes drive southwest and the efforts were needed and appreciated. in leesburg it looked like november rather than the end of october. it is still technically hurricane season. this kind of weather is unexpected and unwelcomed. >> oh, i think it's crazy. snowing in october? we're just not prepared. we're wearing t-shirts with hats. >> as long as it doesn't freeze and turn to ice we might be all right. >> i'm not ready for this at all. >> you're dressed for it. >> i don't like wearing coats until it's really, really cold. for now i'm in and out. i'm not going to hang out in this. i'm going to go home and clean my house. >> a trip to a place where you can't help but thinking warmer, snow-free thoughts. it was clear this wasn't even the fun, go out a
, virginia. >> i like that slop there. i'd like to see that in mud. you can hear a little response, some munching. >> i love that aaron gilchrist was lying down next to wilbur in the hay. i mean, i've seen it all. oh, my goodness gracious. he looks very happy. >> he does look happy. >> i don't know. he looks like a wilbur to me. how are we going to call him norm? >> he'll always be wilbur to us. the van norms changed his name from wilbur because they said he reminded them of norm from cheers. >> was he offended? >> let's hear from him. >> although she did say he was handsome. >>> today searchers will be back out again looking for that missing boy. meanwhile, we are learning new details today about the man suspected in his mother's death. >>> thieves steal a truck carrying president obama's podium and other equipment for his jobs bill bus tour. >>> also today, you've seen them on the national monument. now take a look up. the same crews are on their way to the national cathedral. we'll see what they're doing in a report today. good morning, everybody. i'm jim handly. joe has the day off >
. they arrested one employees. another employee was arrested at his home in northern virginia, as well as two other people in northern virginia. they are accused in an illegal kickback and bribery scheme involving $20 million in payoffs. authorities say the suspects made this money by directing particular contracts to a company in northern virginia. an executive from that company is under arrest. they are all expected in court this afternoon. the fbi and the u.s. attorney are having a news conference later today. sam ford, abc 7 news. >> thank you. we will stay on top of those details. >>> also breaking, a federal appeals court has upheld decisions on a gun rolling. a divided panel voted the ban on assault weapons is constitutional. the restrictions were originally passed by the d.c. council after a landmark supreme court case in 2008. >>> now to the american student accused of murder in italy. she spent four years in prison, and is on her way home today. it is a long awaited on coming. brianne carter is joining us with the latest. >>> this morning it was all smiles and hugs at the airport as
on the road today. the president will stop in north carolina and virginia, both states important to his re-election hopes next year. we go to susan mcginnis in washington this morning. susan, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, terrell. the president is pushing the jobs plan but the areas if you look at them that he has been focusing on, largely swing states show this could be as much about votes as it is about jobs. president obama heads to north carolina this morning to turn up the pressure on congress. >> that's what is at stake. putting people back to work. i'm going to travel all over the country over the next few weeks so we can remind congress that that is the most important thing. >> reporter: he'll visit the state as part his three-day bus tour aimed at building support in his jobs fan. senate republicans blocked the 447 billion dollar package last week, forcing democrats to now fight for the bill in pieces. the president will urge lawmakers to pass the first part $35 in aid to help states save jobs this week. >> the american people support every single plank of that b
video en el que proponía como matar personas en varias estaciones del metro de virginia, el hombre fue arrestado y condenado a 23 años en prisión. un agente del fbi recibirá el premio en una ceremonia de reconocimiento. - en una de esas operaciones encubiertas del fbi hayan hombre acusado de tratar de bombardear el pentágono y el capitalino con pequeños aviones a control remoto. el hombre fue arrestado las marcas se presentó a la corte se declaró no culpable, sus abogados lograron posponer su juicio por varias semanas para prepararse mejor, un agente federal pidió granadas, pistolas y explosivos a los que él pensó que eran terroristas de al qaeda pero eran agentes encubiertos del fbi. - si quiere repasar esta u otras noticias a cualquier hora del día lo puede hacer en nuestro portal - llegó el momento de dar un vistazo a las condiciones del tiempo con carolina villamizar. >> carolina: ya no es por el calor sino por el frío porque allí había sido los días más fríos en la historia del mes de octubre, en virginia se levantaron con estas imágenes, nieve en
county, virginia, not far from the town of mineral, the epicenter of the august earthquake. it was just on wednesday that a 3.0 magnitude aftershock hit that beleaguered town and forced the evacuation of two schools. >>> the university of maryland sent out alerts that a tornado was going to hit campus and students and faculty should seek shelter. however, a tornado warning was not issued for college park. university police tell news 4 that accuweather alerted them to rotation in the storm, so they issued the alerts as a precaution. there was no tornado in college park. >> that was some wild weather yesterday. let's see if any of it is going to continue today. let's go see tom. >>> right now we're not getting any rain. seeing a little just past full moon in jupiter. we got clouds racing through. as we look at what's been happening over the last 12 hours starting at 4:30 yesterday afternoon. see those areas of red on the screen? those were the storms that were producing the small tornadoes. they did quickly comethe washin did diminish as they came through the metro area. now the sky is pa
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